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Netcat: The Swiss Army Knife

Netcat is a simple utility that can read and write data through a network connection using TCP or UDP protocol. It is designed as a powerful internal tool that can be edited directly or easily by other programs and scripts. At the same time, it is a versatile network scanning and debugging tool, because it can establish almost any type of connection you need, and has some interesting built-in Netcat, or the actual program called “nc”, should have been provided as one of those mysterious but standard Unix tools.

Using Netcat tool

$ nc -h
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In the best usage, “nc host port” creates a TCP connection to the given port at the given goal host. Your preferred enter is then dispatched to the host, and whatever that comes returned throughout the relationship is despatched in your preferred output. This keeps indefinitely, till the community facet of the relationship shuts down. Note that this conduct isn’t the same as maximum different applications which close the entirety down and go out after an end-of-document on the usual enter.

Using NC as Messenger (Chatty Tech-Support)

This is one of the maximum thrilling use-instances of Netcat! You should create a easy command-line messaging carrier with Netcat. Run the command under to installation a talk server on a port of choice. Make certain that the port decided on isn’t blocked through any firewall rules.

$ nc -lvp 1234
$ nc <Listener Machine IP> <Port> 

Using Netcat as a bash listener(shell)

It is more interesting to start a quick shell on a remote computer using the -l or listen option and the -e or run option. Start Netcat on a specific port to establish a connection. After the connection is established, Netcat will start the program you selected and connect the standards and program standards to the network.

$ nc -lvp 1234 -e /bin/bash
$ nc <Listener IP> <Port>


When you find that you can hear it on every port, the beauty of Netcat really shines like new. So explore this great tools

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